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Deporteros ESPN

My name is Juan Carlos Rutilo, Radio and TV presenter, Publicist and part of FIFA Sport Management with over 15 years of experience. Currently, I am the presenter of the “Radio Deporteros” which airs on 1210 ESPN Sports in Miami.

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for the photographer Unai Arozena. Unai is a well known photographer in the sports arena and his work is simply perfect with a unique quality. Since the first time that he worked with us, at the soccer match between Miami FC vs. Rayo OKC, we were immensely impressed with the quality of his work. his attitude and ability to take creative picture which helped us promote our radio program “Deporteros ESPN” in Miami.

I can comfortably say that after working 15 years in the world of sports, Unai is the best sports photographer that I have worked with. His talent and professionalism is undeniable.

Unai Arozena is, and will continue to be, the photographer of our radio program “ Deporteros ESPN” for all events in Florida and around the country.

I certify, support and recommend Unai Arozena as one of the best sport photographers in the USA.

Juan Carlos Rutilo,
1201 ESPN Sports Presenter
FIFA Sport Management

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