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Freddy Trillo

Unai has lead the photography effort of my institute “Trillo Jiu Jitsu Academy” during 2015. He has been a key partner in the tournaments that I sponsor. Being the owner of my own academy, a former Law Enforcement Officer, an International Police Olympics Champion and multiple Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Champion is something I take very seriously, I do not partner lightly and take extra diligence in ensuring that everyone involved in my events shares the same level of professionalism than I do. With that said, Unai has worked for me on a number of events as a photographer and the level of quality of his images as well as unique shots is something that gets memorialized in his work. Unai has the ability to immortalize the sentiment of a moment and have it say a million words in just one image.

Unai is versatile and easily adaptable to all kinds of people, quickly adjusting his lense to capture the most tense moment of an adult fight or the kindest act between two children in a match. It has been my pleasure to have Unai be part of my team and I look forward to many more.

Sincerely, Freddy Trujillo

S.W.A.T. & Police Officer for 20 Years / Defensive Tactics Police Instructor / Multiple Pan American Jiujitsu Champion / International Police Olympics Champion