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Rafael Lima

Rafael Lima is a World Champion and one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professors in the World.

Professor Rafael Gordinho started standing out as a young adolescent, in competitions, and won various championships and titles, with determination, discipline and great effort. He has always been curious and thirsty for new techniques and knowledge so he started expanding the sport abroad.

First, he lived in Australia and soon after he decided to travel around the world. Later he moved to New York, where he helped develop and became one of the founders of the Renzo Gracie Academy (2004-2009). This partnership resulted in an important contribution made by Professor Rafael ‘Gordinho’ both as a teacher and as the Academy’s administrator.

As a successful professional he received many invitations and decided to cooperate with the expansion of EVOLVE-MMA group in Singapore, where Professor Rafael ‘Gordinho’ lived for two years.

Thus, Professor Rafael moved back to the United States and the Start Academy in Miami was born ready to shine in excellence and quality, with an outstanding professional team to help develop future generations of champions!

I have the pleasure to work with him at his Academy START BJJ in Pembroke Pines, FL.

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