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Colmena Productions

We recently finished filming the movie “Locos y Peligrosos”, a film that combines some of the best comedy actors in Latin America. The project was filmed between Miami and Venezuela and is expected to premier in New York City on 2016.
Our experience working with Unai Arozena as the film’s Photography Director has been extremely satisfactory and productive. Unai’s creativity and critical eye has helped us tremendously in giving the movie the image, lightning, and overall look and feel desired by our team. His recommendations, directions and instructions truly made a difference in the final product. Moreover, his knowledge in graphic design and online marketing has made him key in the promotion of our film, which is expected to play in some of the best theaters all over the world. In particular, Unai’s artwork is wonderfully represented in the main movie poster for Locos y Peligrosos, which was the winner among numerous submissions at a national level.
Besides Unai’s professionalism and technical abilities, we consider Unai an amazing person, team player and friend. We will not hesitate to work with him in the future, as it will be a pleasure to count with his help and guidance.
Alfredo Quintana, President

Freddy Trillo

Unai has lead the photography effort of my institute “Trillo Jiu Jitsu Academy” during 2015. He has been a key partner in the tournaments that I sponsor. Being the owner of my own academy, a former Law Enforcement Officer, an International Police Olympics Champion and multiple Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Champion is something I take very seriously, I do not partner lightly and take extra diligence in ensuring that everyone involved in my events shares the same level of professionalism than I do. With that said, Unai has worked for me on a number of events as a photographer and the level of quality of his images as well as unique shots is something that gets memorialized in his work. Unai has the ability to immortalize the sentiment of a moment and have it say a million words in just one image.

Unai is versatile and easily adaptable to all kinds of people, quickly adjusting his lense to capture the most tense moment of an adult fight or the kindest act between two children in a match. It has been my pleasure to have Unai be part of my team and I look forward to many more.

Sincerely, Freddy Trujillo

S.W.A.T. & Police Officer for 20 Years / Defensive Tactics Police Instructor / Multiple Pan American Jiujitsu Champion / International Police Olympics Champion

Larissa Paes

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to recommend the Spanish sports and action photographer Unai Arozena. Mr. Arozena has worked with me during numerous national Jiu Jitsu competitions and his work has always been creative and impeccable.

As a multiple Jiu Jitsu World Champion, I am in constant need of powerful pictures for marketing my accomplishments to the world and to potential sponsors in particular. Mr. Arozena has been amazing in helping me develop a great portfolio of multimedia images that has helped me in my career as a fighter.

What I like about his work is the dedication and professionalism, I’m always impressed. He knows the sport very well and is a jiujitsu fighter himself and this has contributed immensely to the quality of his shots, he knows where to position himself and is able to anticipate the shots to give my career the exposure it needs. To be a creative, professional and an expert in the sport is a rare combination that makes Unai unique.

I will continue to work with Mr. Arozena in the future and would recommend his services to other martial arts competitors.

Larissa Paes
Jiu Jitsu Multiple World Champion

Francisco Blesa

I write this letter in order to recommend Unai Arozena as an extraordinary martial arts photographer. In all my years as a Martial Artist competitor, including as World Champion in Kickboxing (1999), Muay Thai (2000), Free Martial Arts (2001), I have worked with many photographers around the world but Mr. Arozena is the best I have worked with so far.

Unai has an amazing talent taking sports photos, he always knows what kind of photos I need, the photos always exceeded my expectations. His knowledge of the sports culture and media standards yields to a high level of action photos that engage my audience. He is also very creative, at every event he tries different approaches that always result in extraordinary and original shots. Mr. Arozena is an amazing professional.

Mr. Arozena’s action shots of me posted to web sites and in publications have captivated by many fans and followers. He has been photographing me since 2014 and I consider his work the greatest testimonial of my career in the martial arts.

Francisco Blesa
Kickboxing World Champion / Muay Thai World Champion / Free Martial Arts World Champion

USP - Thomas Anderson

I am writing this letter of reference for Unai Arozena. We had the opportunity of working with Unai during one of our sports events. He is an extraordinary Photographer. He produced some incredible photos of our event that were used in future advertisements.

I have also seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic.
Unai has an exceptional talent taking Sports Pictures, which is not an easy field. In our event, he had to capture tennis players in action, which he did we great creativity and imagination. His photos were not the traditional ones, as he was always looking for different angles and effect.

It’s my opinion that Unai Arozena could be one of the best Sports Photographers in the World, and he will be a great asset to this country or any organization.

I offer the highest recommendations for Unai without any reservation.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas E. Anderson President & Founder

Rafael Lima

This is Rafael Lima, I have more than 20 years practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I was World Champion (1998), Brazilian National Champion (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997), World Silver Medallist (1997), Pan American Silver Medallist (2000, 2003), Pan American Bronze Medallist (1997).

Now I am opening my own START Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Pembroke Pines, Florida after working alongside Renzo Gracie from the famous Renzo Gracie Academy in New York, from its foundation in 2004 up until 2009.
It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Unai Arozena Albaya, who is the Web Master, Graphic Designer, Publicist and Clothing Designer of my Martial Arts Academy.

I had the pleasure of traveling with Unai to New Hampshire, for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar. He travelled as the official photographer of the seminar. Unai has a unique way of looking at Photography, and shares that vision with others through his work ethic, insight, and sensitivity. Unai is an extremely hard worker and dedicates himself to seeing a project through to its rightful conclusion. Many workers show great promise in the beginning but few of them live up to that promise. Unai has done that with a style that is unmistakable.

Unai is the most respected and admired Photographer that I have ever met. He is enormously talented with a tremendous future ahead. I am sure that he will be one of the best Martial Arts Photographers in USA, his technique is perfect.

As a founder of the START Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association in USA I attest that Unai will be the Official Photographer of my Academy and all National and International Events.

Rafael Lima
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion

Claudio Napolitano

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this formal letter of reference for Unai Arozena. He is an extraordinary Photographer. I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic.

Unai has an exceptional talent taking Sports Pictures, is not an easy field but his tremendous talent and his Photography vision makes his work unique.

I have been a Professional Photographer since 1992. I was awarded Hasselblad Masters 2009-2010 for portraiture, Promax 2011, J&J James E Burke Global Award 2009-2010, Colors Award Nominee and the Cannes Lions National diploma three years in a row for my work on advertising campaigns. I have been showcased in solo exhibitions in Caracas, Miami, Hong Kong, Copenhagen and New York.

Unai Arozena could be one of the best USA Sports Photographers.

It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Unai without reservation.


Claudio Napolitano
Professional Photographer

Timothy Barchard

As a Founder of START Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I have had the pleasure of working with Unai Arozena this year in the New Hampshire Seminar. He is a dedicated Photographer and he is attentive to detail and always looking for ways to improve our ideas. He is also not afraid to step outside his standard duties.

His creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see the project through really made this Seminar distinctive and successful.

I have traveled all over the United States participating in Tournaments and Seminars and Unai is the best Sports Photographer I have ever worked with. Unai has an amazing future in USA and he could be the best Martial Arts Photographer.

Unai’s sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor made working with him a pleasure.

Respectfully yours,

Timothy Barchard
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame / Head Professor START Association / Founder and Head Instructor, PROMA ACADEMY / Three time USA Karate Champion / 6th Degree Black Belt in Aiki Kempo / 5th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo/ Level 3 (Kru) in Muay Thai / Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Rafael Dos Anjos

As a World Ultimate Fighter Champion living in California. I constantly travel around the US for events and tournaments. In my travels, I exclusively use Unai’s services in order to record video and photo so that my fights can be relived and enjoyed by my followers and fans as if they were on first row. Unai has an exceptional quality as a photographer, he can truly capture every important moment and make it as vivid and exciting as if you were present at that time. His pictures and videos have accompanied me in many of the most important moments of my career, specially when I became World Champion.

I do not hesitate to recommend Unai Arozena to any athlete who would like to have a personal photographer to record and highlight his or her career. Unai is truly an amazing professional and I plan to continue to exclusively use his services in many years to come.

Rafael Dos Anjos

ESPN Deporteros

My name is Juan Carlos Rutilo, Radio and TV presenter, Publicist and part of FIFA Sport Management with over 15 years of experience. Currently, I am the presenter of the “Radio Deporteros” which airs on 1210 ESPN Sports in Miami.

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for the photographer Unai Arozena. Unai is a well known photographer in the sports arena and his work is simply perfect with a unique quality. Since the first time that he worked with us, at the soccer match between Miami FC vs. Rayo OKC, we were immensely impressed with the quality of his work. his attitude and ability to take creative picture which helped us promote our radio program “Deporteros ESPN” in Miami.

I can comfortably say that after working 15 years in the world of sports, Unai is the best sports photographer that I have worked with. His talent and professionalism is undeniable.

Unai Arozena is, and will continue to be, the photographer of our radio program “ Deporteros ESPN” for all events in Florida and around the country.

I certify, support and recommend Unai Arozena as one of the best sport photographers in the USA.

Juan Carlos Rutilo,
1201 ESPN Sports Presenter
FIFA Sport Management

Bruno Tostes

I would like to express my honest recommendation for Unai Arozena, an excellent and dependable professional who has helped my organization and me personally tremendously, thank to his artistic eye and creativity.

As a MMA fighters trainer and owner of the Renzo Gracie Academy (Latham, New York),I am in constant contact with many athletes. I try to satisfy their needs and create clothing items that make them comfortable while carrying the house name. Unai has been extremely helpful in helping me identify these items and designing them in a way that reflects the personality of my athletes and the discipline and ethical characteristics of the martial arts. Unai’s vast knowledge in graphic design and creative qualities has been key in giving my academy an attractive and effective image and voice.

I will continue to work with Unai in the future and would recommend his services to any of my colleagues, as I truly believe he is as asset to any organization.

Bruno Tostes
Mixed Martial Arts Trainer & Fighter

Camp La Llanada

We are very pleased to present the following letter of reference for our official photographer, Unai Arozena.

Unai has been working with our organization for the past four years capturing some of the best moments in our Spanish program summer camp in Lake Wales, Florida, as well as Day Camp in Southwest Ranches, Florida. His marvelous work, creativity, professionalism and
diligence have helped us tremendously in achieving our marketing and communications goals through his pictures. Our annual marketing campaigns, including all promotional
printed and digital material, have been enhanced by his involvement in our project. Today, we consider Unai a key player in our success, counting over 1000 campers per year in all of our camps.

In the future, we expect to continue enjoying of Unai’s expert eye as our organization expands to other states in this country. We sincerely consider him one of the best in his field. We would recommend Unai not only as a wonderful professional, but also as an exceptional human being.

Should you have questions regarding our recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.
Luisa Solorzano-Ferrer / Communications Director

Oscar Tunjo

Unai is the best photographer in the European World of Motor. I have more than 3 years working with him and his professionalism and technique are awesome. I´m sure that he will be one of the best Motor Sport Photographer in USA.
All the best for you my friend!
Oscar Tunjo
The next colombian pilot in the F1


I have been impressed with Unai´s work, enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor since the beginning. During 3 years he worked with us from Europe, he was the Photographer of Events like Formula 1, Moto, GT1 World Championship, Rally and Blanc Pain Endurence. He consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartedly endorse him for any Photography work in the World.

Unai conducts himself with the utmost professionalism. His knowledge about Motor Sports Photography and intuition about people, give him the ability to capture an individual’s uniqueness and show their personality via his photos. His experience in this field makes him one of the very best.

I recommend Unai to anyone who wants amazing and unique photos. Working with this highly talented, highly driven individual you are guaranteed satisfaction and extraordinary results. If you are seeking a consistent, experienced photographer with a great eye, Unai Arozena is the best.

Unai is a hardworking individual and he has my highest recommendation. Unai is the best European photographers of the Motor World and I support that Unai could be the best Motor Sports Photographer in USA.

Gonzalo Tunjo
Director and Co Founder

Alvaro Barbado

My name is Alvaro Barbado, the Gin Tonic Champion of Spain. I met Unai in a photo session, I was immediately impressed with his work. Since then, Unai has been my personal photographer during all my European Events. The quality of his pictures and work disposition are admirable. Having Unai as my photographer, webmaster and designer is one of the best decision I have made.

Unai’s future success in the United States is unquestionable, his name will be known across the country as one of the best. By way of this letter, I recommend and certify Unai Arozena as an excellent photographer, great professional and even better human being.

Respectfully, Alvaro Barbado
Spain GinTonic Champion


VICOMTECH-IK4 is an applied research centre specialising in Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Multimedia technologies.

As a member of the Edutainment and Tourism Departament, Mr. Arozena was involved in the graphical and design part of several R&D projects.

During his time in Vicometch, Mr. Arozena has demonstrated and exceptional technical competence and an ability to work in a team. He has also shown great flexibility and adaptability in a professional environment.

He is a responsible person, well tempered and competent at a technical level. At a personal level, the relationship with staf and other research students was very good and his adaptation was fast and successful.

Julián Florez Esnal
General Manager

Lander Simulation & Training Solutions

Lander Simulation & Training Solutions, S.A., is a company specialised in the design, development and installation of state-of-the-art commercial simulation devices aimed at training.

I knew Unai Arozena during the year he worked as an environment designer in Lander Simulation & Training Solutions, in 2008-2009. Once this period was over, I am very grateful for both Unai’s attitude towards his work and his performance on the job.

Unai is a skilful designer who has been creating geometry, textures and lighting for interior and exterior 3D simulation environments. He has been involved in many tasks of the designing and testing areas in severall projects for Lander Simulation & Training Solutions.

He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions and works well under pressure.

I recommend him for employment due to his technical abilities, together with his attitude of personal implication.

Iñaki Aliaga
Engineering Manager